segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2004

Grande aumento de votação para o UKIP

Sem dúvida o mais importante resultado destas eleições a nível das implicações para a União Europeia:

Anti-EU Ukip Set For Massive Gains

The UK Independence Party is set to make stunning gains in the European elections, according to a poll for Sky News.The survey gives UKIP - which is campaigning for Britain's withdrawal from the EU - 18% of the popular vote, just behind the Tories and Labour.

If replicated in the actual vote, it would give the party - which currently has no MPs and just three MEPs - 18 seats in the new European Parliament.

It would be an astonishing result for what has long been regarded as a "fringe" party.

It would mean the Liberal Democrats being pushed into a humiliating fourth place.

However the big losers, look set to be the Tories, who would see their share of the vote slashed from 36% in the 1999 European elections to just 22%.


Such results would put huge pressure on Tory leader Michael Howard to adopt a more euro-sceptic line.

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