sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

Pete Boettke sobre o Mises Institute

The Mises Institute Does Amazing Work. Por Pete Boettke.

The Mises Institute is the world's leading web-based resource for Austrian economics. Students interested in Austrian economics benefit greatly from the books and articles made available on their website. Also, the Mises Institute sponsors conferences that bring students in from throughout the world to learn about the teachings of Mises. And the scholars associated with the Mises Institute publish widely and have a broad audience.

I congratulate them on all this great work and I don't want my "dispute" over (a) GMU and (b) which direction forward for Austrian economics as a progressive research program in the modern economic profession to confuse people. The Mises Institute is not just an important resource for students of the Austrian school of economics, it has become an inspensible one thanks to the efforts of Lew and Jeff.

Also, I should add that on an ideological front the Mises Institute has been the most steadfast defender of libertarianism, anti-war, and a consistent voice against the policies that led us to our current situation, and the policy responses of Bush and now Obama.

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