domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2005

House of Lords 'Will Defeat Terror Bill'

The Home Secretary has been warned that he faces defeat in the House of Lords next week over his plan to give himself the power to put British citizens under house arrest. (...)

But most peers are to opposed to giving the Home Secretary the power of house arrest over British subjects. A report last week by Lord Carlile of Berriew, appointed to oversee terrorism laws, warned: "The orders are likely to be available in relation to all forms of terrorism." The Home Office confirmed this. Lord Taylor of Gresham, a retired judge, said: "It's a basic principle of law that no minister can, by executive order, deprive you of your liberty. It has been enshrined in English law since 1765. Charles Clarke is trying to do in the UK ... what the US have done in Guantanamo."

Michael Heseltine, the former deputy prime minister, warned that the proposed legislation was in danger of handing the terrorists a victory by undermining liberty.

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