terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2009

A crendice no Crédito sem Poupança

"Bloomberg: U.S. Pledges Funds for Bank Programs That May Reach $2 Trillion: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithnerpledged government financing for programs aimed at spurring newlending and addressing banks’ toxic assets, an effort that maygrow to as much as $2 trillion. The Treasury is creating a Public-Private Investment fund,with an initial capacity of $500 billion that could grow to $1trillion, to provide financing for private investors to buydistressed securities, Geithner said in a speech in Washington. The Treasury will also work with the Federal Reserve tofinance as much a $1 trillion in new consumer and business loans.The newly established Consumer and Business Lending Initiative ismodeled on an earlier program to support new credit."

E a bolsa segue a cair 3.5% e o ouro a subir.

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