sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

Capitalismo e moral

Anthony de Jasay, Finance in Parrot Talk:

«Where capitalism is superior to its real or putative alternatives is in its relation to morality. It is the only system where the optimal rule to follow in order to achieve success is "honesty is the best policy", ( though following a rule is not the only or necessarily a better road to success than not following one). Capitalism, as has been recognised by the more intelligent among its defenders, systematically economises morality: it needs less of it than other systems in order to function properly. It achieves more with morally fallible human agents than in other systems could hope to do by relying on the scarce supply of clean-handed, selfless, public-spirited people they could find. Capitalism shrinks the opportunities for corruption, pre-capitalist and socialist systems open them widely.»

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