terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011

Howard Davies, former head of the London School of Economics

Suponho que isto vai dar que falar no mundo académico da economia. (via LRCBlog)

How Hanging Out With Two Pariah Regimes Cost Me My Top Position at the London School of Economics

"(...) I also lost my job. I haven't drafted a resignation letter before: up to now I have always been able to get out before my sins caught up with me. But this time I concluded that there was no alternative. (...)

The impact on the School's reputation was severe, for a while at least. Some of the criticisms that surfaced in the media were misplaced, or plain daft, but it was a mistake to take his money, and I supported it (among others, it is fair to say). Also, I yielded to the blandishments of the previous government to go to Tripoli as an economic envoy, and so became associated with two pariah regimes at the same time, Blair's and Gaddafi's, a fatal combination. So I asked for my P45."

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