terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

drogas: liberalizar o uso, liberalizar a discriminação

... como o despedimento por justa causa por contrariar determinado articulado contratual eventualmente assinado por ambas as partes, que determinaria o seu não uso, critérios de exames, etc.

Mas eventualmente tal norma contratual não seria do interesse de muitos empregadores:

Charlie Sheen Could Teach Wall Street a Lesson: Matthew Lynn: "First, Sheen is entitled to a private life. He’s not an elected official and doesn’t offer moral guidance to anyone. If he wants to party like a wild animal, that’s his business. He is a fine actor, as movies such as “Platoon” (1986) and “Wall Street” (1987) showed. It’s ridiculous to expect him to behave like a Sunday school teacher. Since when were sitcom stars expected to be celibate teetotalers? There is no obligation on him to live his life by anyone else’s rules.

Companies Need Stars

Second, he’s the talent. A hedge fund wouldn’t fire the star trader if he was a drug user or an alcoholic. It would have to get rid of half the staff if it did. A publishing house doesn’t drop its biggest-selling writer because he or she keeps a bottle of vodka next to the computer. There would be far fewer books to read if it did. Media companies need stars more than stars need media companies. It’s that simple." Matthew Lynn na Bloomberg.com

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