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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: "A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism" - A Unified Theory of Everything

"(...)I have just read Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism. That poor old overloaded third brain cell has just been fried. And it’s going to take more than a Sam Adams to bring it back online again.

This book, available freely online as a PDF file, is essentially a description of everything around us in the political world, and a superb platform for any aspiring Austro-libertarian to base their world view (...).

The Professor first of all defines socialism as an institutionalized policy of aggression against property and contractualism, and capitalism as an institutionalized policy of the recognition of property and contractualism (...).

Starting with a premise that hardcore socialism always leads to an overutilization of economic capital, because of the lack of property ownership, Hoppe makes it seem obvious why the Gulag slave camp commandants had so little regard for their slaves: because as political caretakers they needed to maximise their profits in the here and now, with absolutely no regard to the future.(...)

So does this make democratic socialism or democratic conservatism any better, the twin rival creators of this superior western alternative?

Not in the Professor’s view.

Democratic socialism, or as I prefer to call it myself dishonest socialism, is merely another facet to the rancid prism of socialism, which seeks both to destroy property and contract. Under democratic socialism, which some see as being Marx’s preferred variant to that of revolutionary socialism, two classes of people emerge: those who generate tax and those who live upon tax. (...)

As far as the Professor is concerned there is hardly any difference between the basic actions of the democratic socialists and the conservative socialists. Both think the state has the right to steal any amount of anybody’s property, including their lives, it deems necessary to sustain itself, often calling this either a sound tax base or military service to defend freedom; both forms of socialism tend towards taking control of health and educational systems, in order to control the bodies and the minds of their various subjective populations; and both forms of socialism are always keen on strengthening all the other usual monopolistic apparatuses of state necessary to maintain a parasitical elite in power, though this is for our own good obviously, such as the police, the army, the legislature, and the judiciary.

(...) under conservative socialist governments, usually have to pay hidden food taxes to subsidise much wealthier farmers, to keep these farmers in the manner of relative wealth to which they have become accustomed, no matter how useless these tax-privileged farmers have become at keeping their land economically productive in the face of world competition. (...)

After ripping apart conservative socialism, he then tears into the welfare socialism of social engineering, particularly that supported by Karl Popper loving rationalists, and that used by democratic socialists and conservative socialists, especially since World War I.(..) Essentially, according to Hoppe, social engineering measures can never be falsified, which as any student of Popper will know, is something of a basic contradiction in basic Popperian ideology. Go figure."

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