quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2004

O Wa(ll)r Street Journal está chateado com os Conservadores Ingleses

"Contrary to [Times Literary Supplement editor Peter] Stothard's contention that Republican displeasure is being wrongly directed at Conservative leader Michael Howard because he is simply doing his job as Her Majesty's Leader of the Opposition, American conservatives are furious with their erstwhile cousins for routinely engaging in cheap anti-American opportunism. Conservative magazines like the Spectator routinely engage in the most base anti-American slurs, and Conservative members of Parliament regularly make statements that would find a comfortable home in any Michael Moore 'documentary.'

"For example, during the battle between Marines and Islamic fascists in Fallujah, Conservative member of Parliament Sir Peter Tabsell asked, 'Does the prime minister support the murder or mutilation of hundreds of women and children in Fallujah as an appropriate response to the savage murder of four American contractors?' Similar ridiculous and shameful statements from British Conservatives can be found wherever one looks, be it the Spectator, Conservative Party conferences or even Mr. Stothard's own Times Literary Supplement.

"In America, Mr. Stothard, we judge our friends by their actions when the pressure is on. The Conservatives have been judged and have been found wanting by their former colleagues on this side of the ocean. When the U.S. most needed its friends and allies by its side, the Tories shamefully fled the scene." Via LRC Blog.

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