quinta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2006

Jon Stewart versus Bill Kristol

STEWART: Festivus. It's Festivus.
KRISTOL: For you. It's Hanukkah for me. But that's why I'm a Bush voter and you're a--
STEWART: (interrupting) --whatever I am.
KRISTOL: (interrupting) upper westside liberal of some . . . sort--Festivus? Is that what it is?
STEWART: Now--(correcting Kristol) downtown libertarian. I think you're the upper westside--wait a minute!KRISTOL: I am. It's true. It's--
STEWART: (interrupting) Neoconservatism--
KRISTOL: (interrupting) I--I cover that up--
STEWART: (interrupting) Neoconservatism is just liberalism . . . with old guys! It's the transformational power of liberty. It's "I've got magic beans! Iraq will grow and flower!"
KRISTOL: It's liberalism grown up style--
STEWART: (interrupting) "Once they realize they're free, they'll love us!"

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