quarta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2006

Nuno Rogeiro e MEC (como Bill Kaufman)

Nota: e é por aqui que me sinto, senão identificado, pelo menos confortável e em casa...

Nuno Rogeiro:

"Being a Portuguese Catholic, an ex (future?) - "revolutionary nationalist", a man with a rib that is conservative, another one anarchist, a third trade unionist, a supplementary libertarian one, and a final one that we could call "justicialist" (hoping it makes sense outside of Argentina), and, last but not the least, a sceptic in earthly matters, I have inscribed in my political Holy Book (to the death) the fight against anti-Semitism, be it under the anti-Jewish guise or Anti-Arabic one. And also the fight – also until death – against anti-white racism in Africa, anti-black racism in the west, anti-Japanese and anti-Chinese prejudice, etc."

Miguel Esteves Cardoso:

Na entrevista ontem por Rui Ramos fez uma espécie de declaração pela monarquia, localismo extremo (cuidar das casas, das nossas ruas, rejeitar querer resolver os problemas do "país" e do "mundo"), rejeição do poder ("não se pode dar o poder aos portugueses").

Bill Kauffman (Look Homeward, America: In Search of Reactionary Radicals and Front-Porch Anarchists ): "I am an American patriot. A Jeffersonian decentralist. A fanatical localist. And I am an anarchist.", "a blend of Catholic Worker, Old Right libertarian, Yorker transcendentalist, and delirious localist.", "My wanderings had taken me from the populist flank of liberalism to the agrarian wing of Don’t Tread on Me Libertarianism to the peace-and-love left wing of paleoconservatism, which is to say that I had been always on the outside – an outsider even among outsiders – attracted to the spirit of these movements but never really comfortable within them, never willing even to call myself by their names. When asked, I was simply an Independent. A Jeffersonian. An anarchist. A (cheerful!) enemy of the state, a reactionary Friend of the Library, a peace-loving football fan. And here, as Gerry and the Pacemakers once sang, is where I’ll stay."

Pode-se falar numa tendência crescente de conservadorismo-localista-"libertarian-anti-state"-esclarecido-"utopista"?

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