quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2007

Sim, existe sanidade à esquerda

Via LRCBlog: "Wall Street's Nanny(Norman Singleton): One of the main reasons CounterPunch continues to be my favorite left-of-center web site is they are one of the few (only?) non-Austrian/libertarian sites to recognize how the Federal Reserve benefits the elites and harms working people.

For example, see Jackie Coor's essay on how the Federal Reserve's recent actions represent a form of nanny statism designed to protect the big banks and other major financial interests from ever having to face the consequences of their reckless behavior. So those at the top of the financial system profit from Federal Reserve created booms and then are protected by the Fed from the consequences of their "irrational exuberance." Nice work if you can get it.

Instead of using the current crises to began restoring honest money, Congress is scheming to using the current problems in the market as an excuse for yet more regulations. I am sure these new proposals will be as beneficial as Sarbanes-Oxley."

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