quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2006


"Never mind that the Serb community in present-day Croatia, which survived even the Nazi-sponsored genocide in the 1940s, is now virtually nonexistent. Never mind that the Izetbegovic regime in Bosnia waged a jihad against Serb and Croat "infidels," hiding behind tall tales of quarter-million killed, thousands raped, and "death camps." Never mind that Albanians have systematically cleansed Kosovo of its non-Albanian population; destroyed their property, from homes and shops to churches, cemeteries, and monuments; and even changed the names of cities, towns, rivers, hills, and roads throughout the province. All this so they can claim independence based on being a 90-percent-plus majority, and alleged abuses under the previous Serbian government. The unholy trinity of Imperial government, Imperial media, and Imperial "courts" maintains that a grand conspiracy of Serbs is to blame for the Balkans tragedies of the 1990s. As evidence, they invoke their own propaganda, assertions, and allegations. " Insult to Injury, Triumph of the Imaginary Balkans by Nebojsa Malic

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