terça-feira, 7 de março de 2006

O calcanhar de aquiles

...do centralismo democrático. Com o tempo, todas as razões e mais algumas vão ser evocadas pelas regiões do mundo. Os EUA e outros não percebem bem o tipo de caixa de pandora que abrem quando até o incentivam, quer no Kosovo, Taiwain, etc, e só o vão perceber quando forem confrontados com o problema internamente.

Venezuela probes group pushing secession

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuelan prosecutors say they are investigating a group opposed to President Hugo Chavez that is promoting the secession of an oil-rich region in western Venezuela.

The attorney general's office announced in a statement Sunday that prosecutors began investigating the group, which was not named, last month to determine if its actions posed a threat to national security.

The announcement came hours after Chavez said U.S. officials were working behind the scenes with the governor of Zulia state, which is home to much of Venezuela's important oil industry, to create a secession movement loyal to U.S. interests.

Zulia state is governed by Manuel Rosales, an outspoken opponent of left-leaning Chavez. Rosales has rejected past accusations of involvement in conspiracies involving secession. A group calling itself Own Road is promoting a referendum for Zulia residents to vote on independence, according to a Web site posted by Alberto Mansueti, a legal adviser to the organization.

"I think parties sided with the opposition or people linked to political groups, which have financing from outside this country, could be involved," said Mari Pili Hernandez, Venezuela's vice minister for North America."

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