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Argumentation Ethics

The brilliant and erudite Dutch libertarian legal theorist Frank Van Dun has a powerful, rich and provocative draft article: Comment on R.P.Murphy’s & Gene Callahan’s Critique of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Argumentation Ethics.

It's a response to recent criticism of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's argumentation ethics.

Van Dun is well-suited to join the fray, having himself written on this topic before, as he explains in his draft comment. For more on Van Dun, see:

Van Dun, Frank,
Economics and the Limits of Value-Free Science, Reason Papers 11 (Spring 1986): 24

Van Dun, Frank, On the Philosophy of Argument and the Logic of Common Morality, in Argumentation: Approaches to Theory Formation, E.M. Barth and J.L. Martens, eds. (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1982), p. 281 Hoppe's "argumentation ethics"

New Rationalist Directions in Libertarian Rights Theory, 12:2 Journal of Libertarian Studies: 313-26 (Fall 1996) (Dutch version Hebben we rechten? Nieuwe rationalistische richtingen in de Libertarische Rechten Theorie)

More materials on discourse ethics

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