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Causa Liberal

Causa Liberal
O que é fascismo?
The word fascism has been the most inflated and misused political term in any Western language. To the 20th century's first generation of communists, it referred to anyone who advocated a forceful response to causes dear to communists or fellow travellers. In its most ridiculous misuse, during the 1930s, German communists, under orders from Moscow, referred to their social democratic rivals as social fascists.
The second generation of communists and the West's New Left of the '60s also inflated and misused the term to describe their resilient domestic opponents on the Left or Right, as well as any developing world dictatorship aligned with the US.
Yet for those with a respect for history and intellectual clarity, the term has a more precise meaning. It refers to a revolutionary political mass movement or regime that aims to achieve national greatness by radically transforming political and social life with totalitarian rule and by a policy of imperial expansion. Fascist ideology is reactionary in that it aspires to re-create a mythical past.
The originator of the term fascism was Benito Mussolini. Yet the dictatorship he created in Italy was in practice more farce than a revolutionary ideological reality. The only genuinely revolutionary and brutal manifestation of fascism that combined totalitarian rule with global expansion was the German National Socialist regime. It was also permeated by a virulent racism that was profound and genocidal. Nazism was imitated by radical right-wing movements in wartime Croatia (the Ustashi), Hungary (the Arrow Cross) and Romania (the Iron Guard).
Fascism and its nominal antithesis, communism, were, until the late '70s, the only two visible manifestations of totalitarianism. Communism differed from fascism in that it looked towards a social utopia that it claimed had never yet existed. It also proclaimed an affinity for Western enlightenment values, especially social equality and scientific rationality, although in practice it created new systems of social inequality.
De Stephen J, Morris “It is Islamic Fascism” no The Australian August 15, 2006

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