terça-feira, 15 de agosto de 2006

Afinal parece que é mesmo

Director General of Al-Arabiya TV in Defense of President Bush's Description of London Bombers: 'They Are Fascists'
The Westerners know that fascism is an extremist nationalist movement, which emerged from the European society, and was responsible for destructive wars caused by its premises, which are based on discrimination, racism and hatred. This approximation is correct when you apply it to the literature of the Islamic extremists. The same as the Europeans fought fascism and the fascists by word and by gunpowder, the world will fight the extremist Islamists. This is what the good Muslims, who are at the forefront of those hunting down Al-Qaeda, do; the same as the Muslim who exposed the latest conspiracy to hijack the airliners, when he hastened to inform the security authorities when he suspected what was happening in the neighborhood.
"This is why I do not understand what those people - who want to protect reputation and image from the Westerners - want to call the Muslim extremists who resort to violence. Do they want to call them Khawarij (the earliest Islamic sect, which traces its beginning to a religious-political controversy over the Caliphate)? The problem is that no one (in the West) understands its historical meaning. Do they call them by their names only, such as Osama, Ayman, Muhammad, and Zamani? Do they call them according to the sarcastic Egyptian way: 'people who should remain nameless?'"

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