quarta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2006

A linguagem do anti-islâmico-fascista

Para complementar o anterior.

A linguagem dos "idiotas totalmente inúteis" (quem não sabe definir e identificar os inimigos não serve para contribuir para a defesa de nada, não é?).... como se vê...nada extremista (Via: The Peace of Death by Dmitry Chernikov), nada militarista, muito serena, racional e ... libertadora.

* one poster has written as a response to a townhall.com article (which, to save you time, is itself of no interest):

"Without a doubt we do have to fight them. Key phrase in your post "better to crush them now" exactly! Question is… why and the hell doesn't the United States military do just that? If we are in the fight of our life put the boots on the ground and kick some ass, or better yet, give warning to all civilians to get of dodge because there is soon to be a very large explosion followed by a even larger cloud."

* "The only way to rebuild Iraq into a stable democracy is to tear it down totally and build it back up; that's how we did it in WW2 and it worked out just fine!"

* "We are in a struggle that is life or death for all involved. We will either have the will to defeat our enemy or we will emolden them by giving up and going home. We had all better realize that just as Sec. Rumsfeld said, they will not give up, and any retreat now only increases the likelihood that we will be fighting them closer to ou shores, if not within our borders....but we will have to fight them! Better to crush them now, than have to contend with them forever!"

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