terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007

"Último volume de Harry Potter vendeu onze milhões em 24 horas"

Boas notícias porque parece ser o mais libertarian de todos os livros dada a crítica implícita ao governo, bilhetes de identidade, a exposição da perseguição ao homeschooling, etc, e não menos significativo o facto de a moeda corrente ser ouro e prata.

Pode ser que um dia as crianças quando crescerem se recusem a ser colectivizadas pela social-democracia.

Writes F, Moreno: "Check out the attack on compulsory schooling in the new Harry Potter book. The evil death-eaters, after they take over the ministry of magic, make attendance to Hogwarts compulsory, they even outlaw homeschooling.... Combined with all the other stuff on registration of 'mudbloods', the racist witch hunt and arbitrary laws, and the protagonist's dislike for and mistreatment at the hands of government and the author's negative portrayal of most bureaucrats and officials, it looks like a whole generation will have their first encounter with libertarian philosophy thanks to JK Rowling. Dumbledore's take on how power corrupts is too Acton-like to ignore. The mainstream establishment press and their cover-ups are also a big feature. The 'Trace' is an eery reminder of RFID and ID cards. There is even a discussion of property rights and non-aggression, and the justice of Means and Ends are a recurrent theme, with the phrase 'for the greater good' shown as the cloak of evil it is often used as. It really does look like the author has been visiting LRC. Ideas do matter, and it looks like the tide is slowly turning." Via LRCBlog

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