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Ron Paul (1987)

Freedom Under Siege
The U.S. Constitution After 200 Years
by Ron Paul

Introduction The People's Manners Are Now Corrupt 1

CHAPTER I The Concepts of Individual Rights 13

Today's Confusion on the Concept of Rights 14
Trial by Jury-the Ultimate Protection 23
Right to Own Guns and Gold 27
Legislating Morality 28
Definition of Individual Rights 36

CHAPTER II Foreign Policy 41

The Constitution and Foreign Policy 42
Acceptance in America 44
Errors Compound 45
Noninterventionist Foreign Policy 55

CHAPTER III The Draft or Freedom 63

Patriotism and the Draft 63
Conscription and Natural rights 68
The Draft Is Unfair 71
The Draft and the Constitution 75
The Court Rules 78
The Civil War Challenge 79
The Draft: the Final Blow 81
The Draft and Economics 87
Efficiency of the Draft 92

CHAPTER IV Sound Money Is Gold 99

The Constitution and Money 100
Early Challenges of Gold-the Transition 102
The Origins of the Fed 104
The Nature of Money 116
Money, Liberty, Morality 123
Inflation and the Poor 125
Trust 126
Need for Leadership 128
Motivation 128
Economic Reasons 129
Monetization of Debt 130
Power and Economic Control 131
Ignorance and Innocense 133
Reforms 135
Is Monetarism a Solution? 136
The Supply-Sider's Gold Standard 140
Some Positive Steps Toward Gold 145
A Major Event After 53 Years 146

SUMMARY Have We Lost Respect? 151

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