segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2007

Sobre Robert Novak

"Often I have mentioned to friends that were I an editor of a major paper and had but one column to carry, it would be Novak's. His sources are the best. His opinions are upfront invariably, he is made privy to conversations and meetings that ring true in his telling. As few other columnists in his time, Novak continually breaks stories. That he has survived so long, after having enraged so many, is testimony that when Novak is denounced or disputed by some powerful figure, his editors believe him, not them.

At the party in his Pennsylvania Avenue apartment to celebrate his baptism as a Catholic, Pat Moynihan said to me, among others, "Pat, now that we have made Novak a Catholic, do you think we can make him a Christian?" " Patrick J. Buchanan

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