quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007


Existem tantos defensores do "Ocidente" cujo único caminho que parecem conhecer é o de se dedicarem a "war games" e esquecer que na verdade as duas guerras mundiais foram (em boa verdade) as "más guerras" e não as "boas guerras" (essas sim foram as que as precederam, pequenos conflitos resolvidos rápidamente e com verdadeiros tratados) e que são a exaustão moral e material que saiem destas que fazem desaparecer as grandes civilizações da história...que nos esquecemos que existem outros caminhos:

"(...) When it seemed as if the old liturgy would never be heard from again, a group of European intellectuals, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, sent a petition to Pope Paul VI urging him not to suppress this venerable rite. The signatories, who included Agatha Christie, Graham Greene (no conservative he), and Malcolm Muggeridge, urged the Pontiff to reconsider. If the Vatican were suddenly to order the demolition of all of Europe’s great cathedrals, they said, it would be the intellectuals who would have to stand up and resist. But those great cathedrals had been built for the celebration of this beautiful rite that was itself in danger of suppression.

"The signatories of this appeal," the petition concluded, "which is entirely ecumenical and nonpolitical, have been drawn from every branch of modern culture in Europe and elsewhere. They wish to call to the attention of the Holy See the appalling responsibility it would incur in the history of the human spirit were it to refuse to allow the traditional Mass to survive, even though this survival took place side by side with other liturgical forms. (...)

There is nothing sinister about what the Pope has done, ignorant news reports to the contrary notwithstanding. His liberation of the Church’s traditional liturgy is a matter of justice and simple common sense.

Many of us have accepted, with grim resignation, that over time the world is simply destined to get worse and worse: uglier, more vulgar, more perverse. And yet, in the midst of it all, we get an extraordinary development like this. A major aspect of life in the West, and around the world for that matter, is suddenly about to improve dramatically. It is truly astonishing.

Normally I’d have been a little upset when something broke at my house the other day. Instead, I said to myself, "Oh, well, we still have the motu proprio."

On few occasions in my life have I been so utterly overjoyed. Justice has truly prevailed. A great wound has been dressed by the Church’s chief physician." Benedict XVI and the Great Liberation by Thomas E. Woods, Jr."

PS. Talvez a Catequese pudesse servir também para despertar interesse pelo conhecimento de noções básicas de Latim e um pouco do enquadramento da história clássica e do Cristianismo.

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