sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2005

Charadas geo-estratégicas

US fury over EU weapons for China

"America is waging an intense behind-the-scenes battle to stop the European Union lifting its 15-year-old arms embargo against China, warning Britain that it will not tolerate the prospect of European military technology being used to threaten its soldiers in the Far East. As Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, prepares to travel to Beijing next week to discuss ending the arms ban, The Telegraph has learnt that the Bush administration is alarmed by Tony Blair's "cave-in" to French and German pressure. Japan has also expressed dismay over the EU's move dramatically to upgrade relations with Beijing.(...)

The US sees China as its main long-term rival for global dominance and is worried about possible military conflict over China's declared desire to re-assert control over Taiwan, which America has vowed to defend. US officials argue that any easing of European arms control exports poses a threat to its soldiers. But EU officials point out that Israel, one of America's closest allies, sells large amounts of weaponry to China."

Syrian Missile Deal Puts New Strain on Israel's Relationship With Moscow

Crisis Over Israeli Funding of Yushchenko [na Ucrania]

Israel Briefed US on Crisis With Russia...

...so US Demands Russia Cancel Proposed Missile Sale to Syria...

...but Russia Plays Down Crisis

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