quinta-feira, 6 de julho de 2006

Ameaças reais e imaginárias

"The idea that the neo-medievalism of Osama bin Laden & Co. represents as great a threat as communism and/or fascism is absurd on its face: the international Communist movement, at its height, represented millions of committed ideologues who were, in turn, backed up by the nuclear-armed Soviet Union and its satellites. In practically every country on earth, the Kremlin's highly-disciplined agents agitated and recruited to their cause, rising in response to Moscow's call, and keeping a low profile when discretion was the order of the day.

The Islamist revolutionaries, on the other hand, can claim no such advantages: they do not hold state power anywhere, and their following is largely confined to the Middle East and North Africa, with little outposts of support in South Asia. Furthermore, this fantasy of "a new evil empire," in the form of a worldwide Islamist "caliphate," is not a very convincing bogeyman. Aside from the futility of uniting a largely dysfunctional Arab-Muslim community of nations – which would only achieve dysfunction on a much larger scale – this so-called "caliphate" would threaten no one in the West. " Taking Out Lieberman Is the Democratic Party waking up?

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