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Nazismo "Verde"

SIEG HEALTH: We've always known the Nazis were economic left-wingers (Nazi standing for National Socialist German Workers Party), but now – thanks to Robert N. Proctor's Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis (Harvard University Press, 1988) – we know they were health nuts, exercise freaks, ecologists, organic food zealots, animal righters, and alcohol and tobacco haters.

Like today's environmentalists, who place every bug and weed above humans, the Nazis were ardent conservationists. They passed a host of laws to protect "nature and nature's animals," especially "endangered" plants and animals.

The Nazis outlawed medical research on animals, with Hermann Goering threatening anyone who broke the law with being "deported to a concentration camp." He jailed a fisherman for six months because he cut off a bait frog's head while it was still alive, and the German humor magazine Simplissimus ran a cartoon with a platoon of frogs giving Goering the Nazi salute.

As believers in "organic medicine," the Nazis urged the German people to eat raw fruits and vegetables, since the preservation, sterilization, and pasteurization of food meant "alienation from nature."

They even hated Wonder Bread. " In 1935, Reich's Health Fuehrer Gerhard Wager launched an attack on the recent shift from natural whole-grain bread to highly refined white bread," says Proctor.

Denouncing white bread as a "chemical product," Wagner linked the "bread question" to a "broader need to return to a diet of less meat and fats, more fruits and vegetables, and more whole-grain bread." In 1935, Wagner formed the Reich Whole-Grain Bread Committee to pressure bakers not to produce white bread, and Goebbels produced a propaganda poster tying Aryanism to whole-grain bread.

In 1935, only 1% of German bakeries were health-food stores. By 1943, 23 % were.

The Nazis were also anti-pesticide, with Hitler's personal physician, Theodore Morell, declaring the DDT especially was "both useless and dangerous." He prevented its distribution.

The Nazis funded massive research into the environmental dangers of background radiation, lead, asbestos, and mercury. They campaigned against artificial colorings and preservatives, and demanded more use of organic "pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fertilizers, and foods." Government medical journals blamed cancer on red meat and chemical preservatives.

Drinking was actively discouraged, and there were stiff penalties for anyone caught driving drunk, with the police – for the first time – empowered to give mandatory blood alcohol tests.

Hitler, a vegetarian and health-food enthusiast, was also a teetotaler. Himmler shared Hitler's hatred for alcohol, and had his S.S. promote the production of fruit juices and mineral water as substitutes.

Hitler especially hated smoking, however, and he would allow no one to smoke in his presence. When the state of Saxony established the Institute for the Struggle Against Tobacco at the University of Jena in 1942, he donated 100,000 RM of his own money to it. He also banned smoking on city trains and buses.

The Nazis believed in natural childbirth, mid-wifery, and breastfeeding, and women who breastfed their children instead of using "artificial formula" received a subsidy from the state. By the middle 1930s, the Nazis had outlawed physician-assisted births in favor of midwives.

The Nazis also promoted herbal medicine, and the S.S. farms at Dachau were billed as the "largest research institute for natural herbs and medicines in Europe."

No wonder our eco-leftists have that glint in their eye. From now on, I'm going to check if they are wearing armbands." Rockwell's Anti-Environmentalist Manifesto, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

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