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Causa Liberal

Causa Liberal
Imperialismo muçulmano

Talvez o termo utilizado pelo Reverendo Peter Mullen, padre anglicano e reitor da Igreja de St. Michael na “City of London” será mais apropriado do que “islamo-fascismo”. As objecções à esta última expressão como demasiado moderna para classificar uma ideologia essencialmente medieval parecem ter alguma razão de ser. Mullen tem um artigo importante na Salisbury Review de Setembro em que traça a história de alguns aspectos militantes/ militares, .da religião fundada por Maomé. Teria ele sido mais guerreiro e fundador de um império do que um profeta? Eis um extracto do artigo deste padre da Igreja de Inglaterra, tão diferente dos pronunciamentos anódinos de muitos dos seus colegas dessa mesma igreja:

“A few years ago – certainly before 9/11 – I was at a political symposium and we were discussing the Cold War. In the final session someone tried to bring together the various strands of our conversation and said, ‘Well at least we can be grateful that the longest confrontation in modern times is over’. Whereupon one of the most senior academic members of the conference replied , ‘The longest confrontation in modern times has been going on for 1400 years. 300 years ago the enemy were at the gates of Vienna, and if they get the chance they’ll be there again.The enemy he referred to, of course, is Muslim imperialism. Not all Muslims are aggressive imperialists. Melanie Phillips was surely right to say in The Times recently, ‘In Britain hundreds of thousands of Muslims lead law-abiding lives and merely want to prosper and raise their families in peace’. There are many so called moderate Muslims who want peaceful co-existence and co-operation. But there is a predominance of the other sort – of the ideologically-driven certainty which regards the followers of Islam as servants of the truth and the rest of the world as infidel rubbish. These sponsor the policy of ‘Convert or die’. The world for them is conveniently divided into two halves: the Muslim orthodox and the unbelieving and inferior rest: that’s us. I am neither so foolish nor so arrogant as to dismiss one of the great world religions. There are versions and interpretations of Islam which are benign and enlightened. But these are not what are in the ascendancy now. There were and are disgraceful acts perpetrated in the name of Judaism and Christianity too. But with Islam at present it is as if the whole of it were contained and expressed on the pattern, for instance, of the Jews’ cursing Babylon – ‘Blessed shall he be that taketh thy children and throweth them against the stones’ – or the extremes of the Puritan witch-burners.

In Malta in 1565 there was a notable confrontation. The Muslims were besieging the island and they captured and killed some of the Christian Knights of St John. Suleyman the Magnificent beheaded them and floated them across the harbour on crosses. The Grand Master of the Knights of St John, Jean Parisot de la Valette, cut off the heads of many Turkish prisoners and fired them back at the enemy like cannon balls. Whatever would the General Synod say! Six years after this, 197 ships of the Muslim fleet were destroyed by Don John of Austria at Lepanto and the Muslim insurgency was diminished. It was at the height of the Reformation, yet Catholics and Protestants were briefly united in thanksgiving for what was definitely seen as a marvellous deliverance.Islam is a militant faith. From the start, Muslims believed in expansion by conquest. Efraim Karsh’s recent book Islamic Imperialism describes this policy in detail and he quotes the Founder Mohammad: ‘Fight all men until they say there is no God but Allah’. As Charles Moore has pointed out, Osama bin Laden quoted those words immediately after the attacks on the twin towers. The British press and the BBC continually upbraid European nations for their history of conquest and ‘imperialism’ but make no criticism of Islamic imperialism. While the slave trade, along with ‘Hitler’, is a favourite topic in schools’ history syllabus, the fact that the biggest slave traders of all were the Muslims and that their operations were brought to an end by the British navy is rarely mentioned – British colonial rule replaced the Muslim slave trade in Africa. Heathen Africans counted as less than human for the Muslims. Muslims are bad minorities in any country, continuing their violence against Hindus in India and Buddhists in Thailand.”

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