terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2004

O internacionalismo

...existe para resolver situações de conflito, ou estas surgem com mais frequência, acalmam-se temporáriamente, e voltam a surgir ainda com mais violência, por causa do internacionalismo?

"The resumption of military action in Ivory Coast does not bode well for a region whose porous borders have for years circulated guns and gunmen from one country to the next. For more than a decade, a cycle of revenge and greed has led government leaders and their insurgent foes to provoke rebellions in one another's countries. Of particular concern now is the fragile peace secured not long ago in neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Guinea, to the north, peace is also precarious. "

"The 15-nation Council has condemned the killings of the French soldiers and confirme that the 10,000 UN and French peacekeepers were authorised "to prevent any hostile action"

PS: e sim, os americanos não os únicos internacionalistas, quem diria...

PS2: Como dizia Rothbard em 1994: Troops are usually sent first as purely "humanitarian" missionaries, to safeguard the "humane" aid of the UN "peacekeepers." But in short order, the benighted natives, irrationally turning against all this help and altruism, begin shooting at their beloved helpers, and the fat is in the fire, and the U.S. [ou franceses ou qualquer outro] must face the prospects of sending troops who are ordered to shoot to kill.

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