terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2004

Robert E. Lee

"Shake off those gloomy feelings. Drive them away. Fix your mind and pleasures upon what is before you. ... All is bright if you will think it so. All is happy if you make it so. ... Live in the world you inhabit. Look upon things as they are. Take them as you find them. Make the best of them. Turn them to your advantage."

Charley Reese: "...He was a true Christian. There is no record from any of his own writings or from the many memoirs of people who knew him that he ever used a vulgarity, spoke ill of any man or expressed any hatred or bitterness. Such was his fame that after the war, he received many lucrative offers, including an English estate and a job that paid $50,000, a fortune in his day. He turned them all down and accepted the post of president of Washington College for $1,500 a year.

In turning down the $50,000 offer, Lee wrote: "I cannot leave my present position. I have a self-imposed task. I have led the young men of the South in battle. I must teach their sons to discharge their duty in life."

What a contrast to our own generals, who cannot wait to cash in on their measly little victories against virtually unarmed foes. Lee, like another Southern hero, Alvin York, would never have agreed to make a profit on the misery of war. "

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