quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2004

Statism Is the Problem

"How is it that most conservative evangelical Christians aren't seeing through Bush? Let me answer with a question. Why is it that mainline Protestant ("liberal") Christians didn't see through the Commies in the past and can't see through the Democratic political machine now? I've heard protestants explain how Catholics inevitably are statists. I've seen Catholics give similar theories about Protestants. I've seen the libertarian attacks on the Northeastern post-millenial pietists and now the libertarian attacks on the Southern/Mid-Western fundamentalists.

Congratulations, guys. You all win the prize because you're all correct! All these groups and more are sick with the disease of statism. Our whole country is sick with it, our whole Western culture is sick with it. It is our new god, our new lord and saviour." Stephen Carson Via LRCBlog.

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