quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2004

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Um ponto a favor de Kerry:

"Bushies attack Kerry for not having generated major legislation during his 20 years in the Senate--for only enacting trivial things like declarations of world population awareness week.

As if generating legislation is synonomous with producing wealth. If Kerry's done nothing in the Senate except giving Jackie Robinson a posthumous award and naming a federal building or two, that counts in his favor..."

A consistência de Rumsfeld

He says, "From the outset of this conflict, it was clear that our coalition had to go on the offensive against an enemy without country or conscience. "

(...) if the goal is to neutralize or defeat this foe, then why has the administration's approach been to treat terrorism in terms of conventual warfare by invading and occupying sovereign countries? Sure, the Pentagon's legions can kick around a couple of Third World armies. But the better question is, can State defeat non-state? Maybe it's Rummy who doesn't understand the nature of the war on terror.

A primeira pedra

Wendy McElroy has an interesting comment on the O'Reilly sex harassment case. (Aside: as Sean Carter wittily observes, "Yet, as a great man once said, "Let he who is not fantasizing about the hot chick in the marketing department cast the first stone."")

"No Treason" e Lincoln

...One recent blurb criticizes me for writing that the Lincoln administration introduced the "first federal conscription law."

This is wrong, they say. The writer points out that the Confederate government did it first. Interesting: I never knew the Confederate states were a part of the federal government and introduced the first "federal" conscription law!

(Silly me; I thought the Confederates seceded from the federal government. Must be my public school background).

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