sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2004

Discrimination Myths that Everyone Believes

"The ideology that informs the thinking of present-day 'civil rights' agitation is cluttered with misconceptions. ... "For a quarter century, in fact, college-educated black couples have earned slightly more on average than college-educated white couples, yet 'civil rights' leaders prefer to obscure the real situation by looking at the two races in the aggregate. Only that way can they claim that 'racism' is the explanation for white-black income differences.

"Then there are behavioral differences that have an economic impact. For example, fully half of Mexican-American women marry in their teens, while only 10 percent of Japanese-American women marry that young. This cultural factor alone would account for considerable differences in incomes between the two groups, since a young married woman will tend to have less mobility and fewer educational opportunities than a young single woman." — Thomas E. Woods Jr. citado no

PS: E quando finalmente perceberem que os comportamentos individuais-sociais contam para definir o rendimento, incluindo a decisão de ter um casamento estável na altura certa, ainda se vão lembrar de subsidiar (descriminar positivamente) os casamentos nas comunidades negras/mexicanas e controlar em que idade o fazem...

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