segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2004

The true fight

"Robert Nisbet pointed out in "The Quest for Community" that the true fight is not between the individual and the State--it's between voluntary organizations like churches, neighborhoods, families, etc. and the State.

They stand in-between the individual and the State, because no human being stands alone. It is the State's nature to destroy or absorb those things, leaving nothing in-between it and the individual.

But what happens when religion voluntarily supports the State and just as voluntarily becomes part of it? It will not destroyed, but corrupted." Via LRCBlog

PS: as primeiras entidades a desaparecerem foram todas as fontes de direito alternativas existentes na sociedade civil: o direito eclesiástico, o direito das ordens profissionais (estabelecidas sem a legitimização monopolista a nivel nacional do estado moderno), o direito da cidade, o direito mercantil, o direito feudal, o direito da familia, o direito do rei e das cortes, etc.

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