segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2004

Alguém diga a José Manuel Fernandes...

...que a palavra "democracia" não aparece uma única vez nem na Declaração da Independência, nem nos Artigos da Confederação, nem sequer na Constituição Americana.

Isto a propósito do seu comentário a "The Roads to Modernity The British, French, and Americam Enlightnments" Gertrude Himmelfarb (talvez a "mãe" NeoCon uma vez que o seu marido é o "pai" Irving Kristol,e seu filho Bill Kristoll [Weekly Standard])

"...[d]aqueles que fundaram a primeira República moderna, os "founding fathers" (país fundadores) da democracia americana."

E, como disse, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, em "Leftism Revisited" (Washington D.C.: Regnery Gateway, 1990):

"Of the American founders, Alexander Hamilton was a monarchist. Likewise, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Robert Morris, has a strong monarchist leanings. George Washington expressed his profound distate of democracy in a letter of September 30, 1798, to James McHenry. John Adams was convinced that every society grows aristocrats as inevitably as a field of corn will grow some large ears and some small. In a letter to John Taylor he insisted, like Plato and Aristotle, that democracy would ultimately envolve into despotism, aind in a letter to Jefferson he declared that "democracy will envy all, contend with all, endeavor to pull down all, and when by chance it happens to get the upper hand for a short time, it will be revengeful, bloody and cruel". James Madison, in a letter to Jared Parks, complained of the difficulty "of protecting the rights of property against the spirit of democracy". And even Thomas Jefferson, probably the most "democratic" of the Founders, confessed in a letter to John Adams that he considered:

the natural the most precious gift of nature, for the instruction, the trusts and governments of society...may we not even say that that form of government is best, which provides most effectually for a pure selection of these natural aristoi into the offices of government?

Characterizing the general attitude of the founders, them, the most appropriate pronouncement is that of John Randolph of Roanoke: "I am an aristocrat: i love liberty, i hate equality"

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