quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2004

Bobby Fischer

REYKJAVIK (AP) Iceland has rejected a U.S. request to drop the offer of a residency permit for former American chess champion Bobby Fischer, officials said Tuesday.

The U.S. ambassador to Iceland, James Gadsden, asked the country last week to withdraw its offer because Fischer is wanted in the United States on criminal charges.

Fischer, who is being held in Japan, is wanted in the United States on charges of violating U.N. sanctions against Yugoslavia when he played a chess match there in 1992.

Fischer, who has said he would like to move to Iceland, is fighting a deportation order to the United States.

PS: O simbolo de uma vitória pacifica contra a URSS durante a Guerra Fria, é, perseguido pela real politik internacionalista. Bobby Fischer é marcadamente um individualista ultra-politicamente incorrecto (o suficiente para por à margem os "politicamente incorrectos" politicamente corrrectos).

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