domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2004


1) Speaking by telephone from Vichy, France on Friday, Malbrunot quoted his captors as saying Bush's re-election "would improve our ability to fight."

"We vote for Bush because Bush help us a lot by intervening in Afghanistan. So, from that point we could spread all over the world and we are now in 60 countries," Malbrunot cited one of the militants as saying on October 15, two weeks before Bush defeated Democrat John Kerry. Malbrunot, 41, quoted the same militant as saying: "Our main targets are Saudi Arabia and Egypt. And because of Bush, if he is re-elected, we are sure that American soldiers will remain in Iraq for years."

[Curioso que os regimes da Arábia Saudita e do Egipto foram mencionados como o prémio final da estratégia Neocons para o Médio Oriente]

2) "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq’s Electoral Commission on Sunday dismissed suggestions from Washington that minority Sunni Arabs could get extra seats in parliament after next month’s election to avoid Shiite domination if Sunnis fail to vote."

[Parece que alguém percebeu que a destruição da influência Sunita (provavelmente os árabes mais seculares e tolerantes) vai pôr o Iraque sob a domínio shiita, abrindo caminho para o Irão]

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