terça-feira, 28 de novembro de 2006


"GIVE SADDAM A CHANCE!", via "O Futuro Presente"

PS: É desta que João Pereira Coutinho tem um colapso ...

PS2: Henrique Raposo diz com verdade e alguma coragem: "O terrorismo, o tal islamo-fascismo, não são os grandes desafios do nosso tempo. A Guerra ao Terrorismo não é uma Estratégia. É uma simplificação brutal da realidade. Será, no mínimo, uma táctica dentro de uma Estratégia."

PS3: Entretanto a luta Realismo versus NeoCon aquece

* This Washington Post article on the inner workings of the bizarrely revered Baker-Hamilton Commission is notable for several reasons, the first of which is that neoconservatives are stomping their feet and whining loudly because they feel that their Great Wisdom and Expertise are being unfairly ignored:

Neoconservatives, who supported and crafted much of the original Iraq strategy, say the panel was stacked against them. Michael Rubin, political adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority, resigned because he said he was a token.

"Many appointees appeared to be selected less for expertise than for their hostility to President Bush's war on terrorism and emphasis on democracy," Rubin wrote in the Weekly Standard.

* Shall we turn to Rubin’s piece in the Standard, and take a look at it in more detail?

Rubin: POLICYMAKERS ARE ABUZZ with the explosive recommendations for U.S. policy toward Iraq soon to be released by the Baker-Hamilton Commission: Abandon democracy, seek political compromise with the Sunni insurgents, and engage Tehran and Damascus as partners to secure stability in their neighbor. While former secretary of state James Baker and former representative Lee Hamilton said they would withhold their report until after the elections on November 7 to avoid its politicization, they have discussed their findings with the press..."

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