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... depois de Adam Smith II

O Vol. II, aqui (pdf).

Classical Economics - An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought, Volume II, Murray N. Rothbard

Introduction vii
Acknowledgements xv
1. J.B. Say: the French tradition in Smithian clothing 1
2. Jeremy Bentham: the utilitarian as big brother 47
3. James Mill, Ricardo, and the Ricardian system 69
4. The decline of the Ricardian system, 1820-48 101
5. Monetary and banking thought, I: the early bullionist controversy 157
6. Monetary and banking thought, II: the bullion Report and the return to gold 191
7. Monetary and banking thought, III: the struggle over the currency school 225
8. John Stuart Mill and the reimposition of Ricardian economics 275
9. Roots of Marxism: messianic communism 297
10. Marx's vision of communism 315
11. Alienation, unity, and the dialectic 347
12. The Marxian system, I: historical materialism and the class struggle 369
13. The Marxian system, II: the economics of capitalism and its inevitable demise 407
14. After Mill: Bastiat and the French laissez-faire tradition 439
Bibliographical essay 477
Index 507

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