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... antes de Adam Smith

A grande obra de história da economia de Murray N. Rothbard (para já o Vol. I), aqui (pdf).

"Economic Thought Before Adam Smith"
An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought Volume I

Introduction vii
Acknowledgements xv

1. The first philosopher-economists: the Greeks 1
2. The Christian Middle Ages 29
3. From Middle Ages to Renaissance 65
4. The late Spanish scholastics 97
5. Protestants and Catholics 135
6. Absolutist thought in Italy and France 177
7. Mercantilism: serving the absolute state 211
8. French mercantilist thought in the seventeenth century 233
9. The liberal reaction against mercantilism in seventeenth century France 253
10. Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Tudors to the Civil War 275
11. Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Civil War to 1750 307
12. The founding father of modern economics: Richard Cantillon 343
13. Physiocracy in mid-eighteenth century France 363
14. The brilliance of Turgot 383
15. The Scottish Enlightenment 415
16. The celebrated Adam Smith 433
17. The spread of the Smithian movement

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