sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2006

Lib trots

"John Laughland's observation that the neoccons see global capitalism as a vital tool in the global revolution also applies to a certain group of libertarians. Like the neocons, these "libertarian trosykyites" (or lib trots) support global capitalism because they see it as a revolutionary force, smashing old traditions and ways of life and making the world into one giant "dynamic" market functioning under the watchful eye of a global superstate.

Lib trots are willing to use state power to advance their global revolution, hence their support for institutions such as the World Trade Organization and interest in "reforming," rather than abolishing, the IMF. Of course, many lib trots are fanatical supporters of Bush's crusade for global democracy, while others are ambivalent about the use of force to impose freedom on the world.

Lib trots find opposition to "progress" more objectionable than opposition to freedom. Thus, conservatives and liberals who oppose globalism but favor peace and constitutional liberties are viewed as a a greater danger than neocons and Clintonate "centrists" (after all, Clinton brought us NAFTA and the WTO.) Lib trots also hate libertarians who remain opposed to war and continue to see the US Government (and the institutions of globalism) as threats to freedom rather as potential tools of liberation.

While their numbers, and influence, are not as great as the neocons, lib trots may represent a greater thereat for they give "libertarian" cover to the insidious idea that war, empire, and global governance can be used to promote human liberty."Trostky and the libertarian movement

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