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O nascimento do activismo "Libertarian"

Editorial de abertura da "Left&Right" A Journal of Libertarian Thought-1965

"Liberty, then, is our thesis; reason shall be our method.

Only reason can build a valid and consistent ideology, and only reason can strip unsparingly the veil of custom and habit and myth from dominant ideas and institutions and bold them up to the harsh light of truth.

That reason is cold, impersonal and unconcerned is a widespread myth; Indeed, nothing is stronger than reason for redoubling one's passionate commitment and devotion to the cause of truth.

Our title, Left and Right, reflects our concerns in several ways. It reveals our edltorial concern with the ideological; and also highlights our conviction that the present-day categories of 'left" and 'rights have become misleading and obsolete, and that the doctrine of liberty contains elements corresponding with both contemporary left and right."

This means in no sense that we are middle-of-the-roaders, eclectically trying to combine, or step between, both poles; but rather that a consistent view of liberty includes concepts that have also become part of the rhetoric or program of right and of left. "

Artigos de fundo:

Murray N. Rothbard: Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty (1004KB)
Leonard P. Liggio:
Why the Futile Crusade? (2310KB) [recentemente foi Presidente da Mont Pelerin Society]

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