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Noticias da Somália II

(Ou o anarquismo contra a Al-Qaeda. Quando se rejeita um poder político "monopolista" não são só os alegados bons poderes hobbesianos a serem rejeitados. Os "maus" também )

Somali warlords bury rivalries to unite against extremists
UPI Correspondent Published February 22, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Dismissed by the international community as a failed state prone to Islamist extremism, Somalia's warlords have joined forces to stamp out al-Qaida-linked groups trying to gain a foothold in the lawless East African nation. A group of powerful warlords who control the Somali capital, Mogadishu, have set aside long-standing rivalries to form a new political bloc. Their aim is to rout hard-line Islamists that administer a network of courts supported by armed militias.

The Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism, led by militia leader Abdi Nure Siyad, christened its formation Saturday by reportedly touching off a wave of violence that killed at least 22 people -- most from stray bullets -- and displaced hundreds of families, according to the BBC.

Siyad denied being the instigator, and said he was attacked by power-hungry Islamic court militias.(...) But members of the ARPCT charge the makeshift judicial system has ordered extra-judicial killings of moderate Muslim clerics and abetted militias alleged to have ties with al-Qaida.

Western intelligence analysts have warned for years that poverty and shattered government institutions have primed Somalia as a breeding ground for Islamic extremism. (...) Observers say the formation of the ARPTC is evidence of Somalia's fundamental rejection of militant Islam.

The warlord pact comes days before opposing factions of the Somalia Transitional Government prepare to convene for first time on home soil since it was forged in Kenya a year ago. (...)"

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