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Justiça Privada II - The American Arbitration Association


Dispute Resolution Services

The American Arbitration Association (AAA) is the nation's largest full-service alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider, addressing disputes involving, but not limited to, employment, intellectual property, consumer, technology, health care, financial services, construction, and international trade conflicts.

(...) when disputes arise, ADR methods, such as arbitration, mediation, and other out-of-court settlement procedures can deliver efficient and effective results that satisfy the parties involved.

(...) AAA dispute resolution services include case administration offered in conjunction with its Dispute Avoidance and Early Resolution Rules and Procedures and Arbitration and Mediation Rules and Procedures.


The AAA offers a wide range of resources to help interested parties learn the basics of alternative dispute resolution and apply them to their own business needs. This includes preparing appropriate ADR clauses for contracts and learning how to manage cases employing ADR principles.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Basics - FAQs
Introductory Guide to AAA Arbitrations and Mediations
Mediation: An Informal and Effective Approach to Settlement
A Guide to Mediation and Arbitration for Business People
Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses: A Practical Guide
Drafting Arbitration Clauses: Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins
A Guide to Early Dispute Resolution Options: AAA Resolution Services
A Guide to the Management of Large, Complex Cases
Dispute-Wise Business Management
Early Neutral Evaluation: Getting An Expert's Opinion
Enhanced Neutral Selection Process for Large, Complex Cases
Mini-Trial: Involving Senior Management
Fact-Finding: An Independent Third-Party Investigation

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