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Lew Rockwell em entrevista fala da biografia de Mises

Lew Rockwell numa breve entrevista informal fala do próximo grande lançamento do Mises Institute. Uma biografia de Ludwig von Mises por Jörg Guido Hülsmann. Oito anos de trabalho e investigação, incluindo os chamados "Vienna papers", capturados primeiro pelos Nazis depois levados pelos Soviéticos para Moscovo. Muito curioso é a menção que Mises passou por Lisboa a caminho da América durante a Guerra.

The Story of the Lost Papers

"(...) In 1938, when the Nazis made their move into Austria, Mises had already been teaching in Geneva at the Institute for International Studies for four years. The German police entered Mises's Vienna apartment (where he had stopped for a short visit only weeks earlier), examined his papers, packed them into 38 boxes, and took them away.

Margit Sereny (and her daughter, Gitta, now a famed author) fled to join Mises in Zurich. They were married there and lived in Switzerland for two years before emigrating to the United States in 1940. After his arrival, Mises wrote his affecting book Notes and Recollections to provide a brief chronicle of his life to that point. He died in 1973, assuming his precious papers were gone forever.

(...)and it reveals that the Austrian collection (or "fund") in this archive consists of a massive assembly of 34,000 crates more than five football fields long. The Mises papers were contained in 196 large files."

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