segunda-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2007

Pope Pius XII

KGB and the plot to taint ‘Nazi pope’

"THE KGB hatched a plot to smear the late Pope Pius XII as an antisemitic Hitler supporter and fostered a controversial play that tarnished the pontiff, according to the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence officer to have defected to the West.

Former Lieutenant-General Ion Mihai Pacepa, who headed the Romanian secret service before defecting in 1978, has broken a silence of nearly half a century to reveal that he was involved in the operation code-named Seat12, a Kremlin scheme launched in 1960 to portray Pius XII “as a cold-hearted Nazi sympathiser”.

The Vatican is now pursuing its efforts to have Pius XII declared a saint. Among those who have defended Pius is Israel Zoller, the chief rabbi of Rome in 1943-44, who said the Pope had instructed bishops to allow Jews to seek refuge in convents and monasteries.

Nota curiosa: "The Chief Rabbi of Rome during WWII Rabbi Zoller not only defended Pius but converted to Roman Catholicism in 1945. He changed his name to 'Eugenio' in honor of Pius. ".

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