segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2007

"There are such things as traditional Muslims"

Dinesh D'Souza publica 4 artigos na NRO pondo em causa com letras bem grandes o discurso pouco sustentado (o mesmo de Saddam como o grande perigo para o Ocidente que agora foi transferido para o Irão) da islamofobia reinante (Dinesh D'Souza assina com estes artigos o fim da sua relação com a National Review?).

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The Closing of the Conservative Mind, Part III 03/14
The Closing of the Conservative Mind, Part II 03/13
The Closing of the Conservative Mind, Part I

Por exemplo:

"Notice how Hanson compares the excesses of the cultural Left with those of radical Islam, while the real issue is whether traditional Muslims all believe in gender segregation, burkas, honor killings, and religious intolerance. Does Hanson know that burkas are extremely rare in most Muslim countries? (In most places they use the short headscarf, and in some Muslim countries the heads of women are uncovered.) That even in Iran there are women who serve in parliament, own businesses, and drive cars? That honor killings are a tribal, not an Islamic, practice (they occur infrequently, if ever, in Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, they are more common in the Muslim and non-Muslim regions of Africa, they used to occur even in Italy a few decades ago, and even now they occur in the Balkans)? That there is strong empirical evidence that traditional Muslims believe in religious toleration? "

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