quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2007

Propriedade Privada na China

MisesBlog: Seems the Communist Chinese have a better grasp of the sanctity of property rights than many US municipalities. The International Herald Tribune is reporting that Ma Kettle of Chongqing, China, actually beat city hall. The photo accompanying the story is truly worth a thousand words - a scene reminiscent of the Bugs Bunny episode Homeless Hare. :

The International Herald Tribune

Chinese homeowner stands her ground

"CHONGQING, China: For weeks it has drawn attention from people all across China, as simple homeowners stared down the forces of large-scale redevelopment that is sweeping this country, blocking the preparation of a gigantic construction site by an act of sheer will.

Chinese bloggers were the first to spread the news of a house perched atop a tall, thimble-shaped piece of land like the Mont St. Michel, surrounded by a vast excavated ditch. Newspapers dove in next, finally to be followed by national television broadcasts.

The story of the "nail house," as many here have called it because of the homeowner's tenacity, like a nail that cannot be pulled out, has a universal resonance in a country where developers are seen to be in league with officials and where both enjoy unchallenged sway. (...)"

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