terça-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2007

Energia - um problema? Preço da Electricidade a Zero

...no mercado grossista

"German power trades at Eur0/MWh

Strong German wind level forecasts and typically low New Year
holiday demand brought German EEX exchange power prices
down to Eur0/MWh from 0100 to 0800 CET (0000-0700 GMT)
Sunday and from 0100 to 1000 CET Monday. “Nine hours in a
row at a price of zero-I’ve never seen this,” said one trader.
Power capacity at Germany’s wind farms is expected to reach
between 15 and 17 GW on Sunday and Monday. “I didn’t see any
generators buying,” said one trader, who assumed generators
were factoring in wind power into their supplier profiles.
The EEX exchange published a price of Eur5.8/MWh for
Monday power compared to a closing level of Eur10/MWh in the
OTC market. The closing OTC price for Tuesday, a working day,
was Eur35.10/MWh in comparison."

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