quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2006

Democracia no Médio Oriente

Tanto fazem por ela que agora aturem-na. Agora sobre o que fazerno caso do Hamas? Talvez reconhecer que no meio de incertezas e perigos podem existir oportunidades. Será necessário claro, algum "realismo". Mas esse realismo foi possível com o processo conturbado da formação do Estado de Israel.

"Menachem Wolfovitch Begin... became the 6th Prime Minister of Israel in May 1977. (...) His father was a community leader, an ardent Zionist, and an admirer of Theodor Herzl. Both of Begin's parents perished in the Holocaust.(...) During the 1930s, Begin trained as a lawyer in Warsaw and became a key disciple of Vladimir "Ze'ev" Jabotinsky, the founder of the militant, nationalist Revisionist Zionism movement and its Betar youth wing.Forcing the British out of PalestineBegin quickly made a name for himself as a fierce critic of mainstream Zionist groups as being too co-operative with the "colonial" British, and as a proponent of military action against the British as necessary to achieve independence. In 1942, while the British were fighting Nazi Germany, he joined the Irgun (Etzel) and in 1947 assumed its leadership. He was determined to force the British government to remove its troops entirely from Palestine. He claimed that the British had reneged on their original promise of the Balfour Declaration, 1917, and that the White Paper of 1939 restricting Jewish immigration was a travesty. (...)Armed rebellion against the BritishBegin claimed that the policies of the British were pro-Arab. He issued a call to arms and from 1945-1948 the Irgun launched an all-out armed rebellion, attacking British installations and posts. He planned the bombing of the British administrative and military headquarters (at the luxurious King David Hotel) in Jerusalem that killed 91 people, including many British officers and troops, as well as Arab and Jewish civilians.(...)Tens of thousands of British troops were called in to quell this terrorist activity, but Begin and his Irgun continuously harassed the British until the day they pulled out of Palestine in 1948.(...)The Altalena affairIn 1948 Begin was at the center of the shipping of Irgun arms to Israel, ending in the sinking of the Altalena by gunfire ordered by David Ben-Gurion. Begin was onboard the ship, and a number of Irgun men were killed. It was assumed that Ben-Gurion was hoping that Begin would be killed too, but that did not happen. The leader of the troops firing on the Altalena was none other than the young Yitzhak Rabin.The Deir Yassin episodeBegin has been accused of being responsible for what transpired on the April 9, 1948, when commandos of the Irgun and the Lehi attacked Deir Yassin, an Arab village of about 750 residents located on high ground in the corridor between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and according to Plan Dalet, it was to be destroyed and the residents evacuated. Yet over 100 people were killed. " Wikepedia

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