terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2006

Kirnzer: prémio FSF-NUTEK

O anúncio da entrega do prémio FSF-NUTEK a Israel Kirzner:
Kirzner's contribution to our understanding of the dynamics of capitalist processes is without question.

For over three decades Kirzner has striven to refine and deepen our appreciation of the adjustment mechanisms that assure efficient operation of market economies. In particular, in works such as Competition and Entrepreneurship (1973), Perception, Opportunity and Profit (1979), Discovery and the Capitalist Process (1985), and The Meaning of Market Process (1992), Kirzner's treatment of the significance of entrepreneurial discovery for the complex plan coordination characterizing smoothly-operating economies has led many to reconsider the modern theoretical formulation of markets.

Mainstream treatments have eliminated the entrepreneur from the model of competitive capitalism, and therefore have reduced the professional and public understanding of and respect for capitalist dynamics. The implications of Kirzner's work for economics are vast-even if they are not always heeded within the professional community
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